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Why List With The NEO Exchange?

The NEO Exchange is committed to your success as a public company. We reaffirm this commitment everyday by providing tools to enhance trading activity, by connecting you to your investors, and by providing outstanding customer service - all for a fair price.

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Enhancing Your Trading Activity

Liquidity is a vital contributor to the success of a listed company. To support liquidity, we have designed:

A designated market maker program that will support your trading activity and the liquidity needs of your investor, and

An issuer performance program to allow market makers to participate in your success.

Connecting You To Your Investors

Investor awareness of your listing is key to long term success. The NEO Exchange helps raise awareness by:

Offering a tailored media package to maximize reach

Building awareness across NEO Exchange social media channels

Providing free and broad access to market data on your listing

Providing investment advisors with direct information on your listing

Providing Exceptional Service At A Fair Price

We keep things simple, both from the perspective of services and fees, offering:

Easy to understand, tailored listing standards and removal of unnecessary discretion

Simple, low fees at the time of listing and through the lifetime of listing

We understand issuers concerns and facilitate solutions and establish meaningful relationships with you, your advisors and your investors.

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