Making Data More Accessible

Data flows through the market at an incredible pace and lives at the heart of every investment decision, big or small. Our fees are designed to help investors make sound investment decisions and ensure trading information of our listed securities reaches the broadest possible audience.

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Our Approach to Market Data Fees

Market data for NEO Exchange - listed securities will be free for everyone;

Real-time displayed market data for TSX / TSXV-listed securities traded on the Aequitas NEO Exchange will be free for non-professional users ("retail investors");

Real-time displayed market data fees for TSX / TSXV-listed securities traded on the NEO Exchange will be waived until the NEO Exchange reaches 3% market share.

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Benefits of Our Approach

For The Investor

The NEO Exchange puts your interests first and wants you to have a complete picture of the entire market. We will always strive to innovate for the betterment of Canadian equity markets.

For The Dealer

The NEO Exchange wants to bring your data costs down and break the current virtual monopoly and recognizes that marketplaces should not have exclusive rights to your private data.

For The Capital Raising Company

The NEO Exchange will promote your business and we want to make your data available to everyone. We consider you a company, not a commodity.

For The Data Distributor

The NEO Exchange will always treat you like a partner, and wants to make consolidated data more widely accessible.

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