Jul 29 '15 | One of Canada's principal facilitators of retail order flow implements access to the Aequitas Smart Order Router

One of Canada's principal facilitators of retail order flow implements access to the Aequitas Smart Order Router

IRESS now offers its clients access to Aequitas' order routing and latency normalization technology

Toronto – July 29, 2015 – Aequitas Technology Services Inc. (Aequitas), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aequitas Innovations Inc., is pleased to announce that IRESS, a leading supplier of innovative technology for financial markets, wealth management and the mortgage industry, has joined a growing number of market participants in providing access to the Smart Order Router (SOR) offered by Aequitas.

IRESS will integrate the Aequitas SOR as an extension of their existing order routing solutions. By using the Aequitas SOR, IRESS clients will be able to leverage the additional routing strategies provided by Aequitas, including latency normalization. Designed to foster fair market access, latency normalization protects tradable orders from predatory high frequency trading strategies that utilize speed to provide advantageous access to information and liquidity.

"The Aequitas SOR complements our existing trading and order routing solutions, and we are excited to be working with Aequitas on this initiative," said Ricardo DaCosta, VP, Market Structure & Solutions, IRESS Canada. "As Canada's leading facilitator of retail order flow, our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to the execution options they need to support their best execution and business objectives."  

"As we continue to be a competitive force in Canadian capital markets, working with a leading technology provider for Canadian retail brokerage solutions will provide tremendous opportunities," stated Joacim Wiklander, Chief Trading & Data Officer, Aequitas. “The IRESS implementation of our SOR will give investors unparalleled access to our technology solutions that level the playing field and seek to curb predatory trading behaviours in the market."

Market participants interested in learning more about Aequitas' innovative technology solutions can visit our website here.


About Aequitas Innovations Inc. 

Aequitas Innovations Inc. is the parent company of Aequitas Technology Services Inc. and Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc., a new Canadian stock exchange using a bold new blueprint that puts investors, companies raising capital and their dealers first. Launched in March 2015, NEO Exchange currently offers an innovative trading platform and a value added listing platform for companies and investment products. Aequitas Innovations Inc., was founded by a diverse group of prominent investors representing all Canadian capital market stakeholders.



IRESS is a principal supplier of financial markets, wealth and mortgage management systems in Canada, Australia, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

All product streams support a diverse range of roles and offer front, middle and back-office functionality for clients that range from financial service institutions through to independent operators.

Fully customizable, IRESS integrates equities and derivatives trading, automated order management, smart order routing, international market data, and compliance monitoring. Designed for high performance environments, IRESS solutions are fully managed, provide low execution latencies and offer seamless access to specialized markets and strategy engines.

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