Fees That Align Dealers Interests With Their Clients

We are committed to aligning the financial interests of dealers with the quality of execution interests of their clients.  At the same time, we are committed to delivering competitive measures that bring down the overall cost of trading for the industry. Please click here to view our fee schedule.

NEO Book™ Fees

A Take-Make fee model with trading features designed to promote and protect liquidity formation.

A take-make model, combined with a speed bump applied to speed-advantaged liquidity-taking flow, will promote sizeable liquidity to the benefit of liquidity seeking investors.

Lit Book Fees 

A Make-Take fee model with trading features designed to benefit the long-term investor.

A make-take model, combined with passive execution priority for non-speed advantaged traders, will ensure dealers who post such resting orders in the book are more likely to benefit from the rebate than they would on other trading venues.

Click here to view the fee schedule

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