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The Aequitas NEO Exchange uses innovative technology and market structure solutions to address transparency, liquidity and fairness needs across Canadian capital markets.

The Aequitas NEO Exchange trading solutions strive to optimize the quality of execution by promoting liquidity striving to reduce order fragmentation and produce larger fill sizes. Market integrity is enhanced through a transparent price discovery process, protected from a variety of predatory trading strategies.

trading solutions

Key to our trading solutions is the differentiation between a NEO Trader™ and a Latency Sensitive Trader (LST). Members have the responsibility to certify their Trader IDs as one of the two categories.

A Latency Sensitive Trader trades for their own account and use co-located and automated strategies. A Latency Sensitive Trader would either be a member that is trading on a proprietary basis (e.g. a DMM), or a DEA client who connects directly to the exchange using only a sponsoring member’s risk filters.

A NEO Trader™ is anyone who is not an LST and would for example include all client flow that passes through a member’s smart order router.

Securities listed on the Aequitas NEO Exchange, TSX or TSX Venture may be traded on either of the trading books (Lit Book or NEO Book™), and intentional crosses can be printed on the Crossing Facility for free.

The Aequitas Smart Order Router (SOR) provided by Aequitas Technology Services Inc., a NEO Exchange affiliate, enables connectivity to these trading books and other Canadian marketplaces, while providing innovative value-added features.