Aequitas Technology Services Smart Order Router

Market participants utilizing the Aequitas Technology Services Smart Order Router (Aequitas SOR) benefit from a multitude of routing strategies and a unique latency normalization technique.

The Aequitas SOR normalizes the speed at which orders are delivered to each venue, ensuring they all arrive at the same time.

sor map

Latency normalization is designed to protect tradable orders from strategies that leverage speed and asymmetric access to information used by some of the high frequency trading (HFT) firms active today in Canada.

By synchronizing the impact of tradable orders across multiple marketplaces, we are helping to level the playing field.

Smart order router

Subscribers to the Aequitas SOR Base Package have a choice of pre-defined active and passive routing tables. Routing tables will preference NEO Exchange trading books first, followed by away marketplaces listed in order of market share. Subscribers with the SOR Premium Package have the ability to customize their routing tables for active and passive flow as long as the NEO BookTM remains at the top of the active routing tables.

To download the Aequitas Technology Services SOR Product Sheet Click here.

The latency normalization functionality of the Aequitas SOR has been developed using proprietary information licensed from third parties, including Royal Bank of Canada.